What to Expect When You Are Escaping


All Private Games

We offer only private games so you will never be “locked” in a room with strangers.


10 Minute Bonus Time

We allow every group to finish their game regardless of a sixty-minute escape or not.


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May We Suggest

Beginner Room

Try the 1970’s room. It’s a blast from the past.

Race Room

The Showdown, two teams go in but only one comes out. (Well, they both come out eventually.)

Kids Room

Mojo’s Museum is a marvelous experience for all ages.

Escape the Decade, 1970’s

Room for Beginners

Up to 8 Players

Linear feet of wood paneling


Escape Rate

You found us.  Right on!

So the 70’s started in or around 1970, no one is sure of the exact date and it was full of all kinds of far out things like disco dancing, wood paneling, the baddest TV shows around, and orange.  Like mucho orange man.

So here’s what happened.  You came home to your pad, thinking you might coolio and Netflix and poof!  Smoke and everything!  Your slick modern living room was transformed into grandma’s living room from the 70’s!  What a fry right?!

Super important info:  You’re trapped in a 1970’s living room.  If you are still in here in 60 minutes you will be trapped in here forever, which I am to understand is a very long time, catch my drift?  Like, your other option is you can solve your way out of this place and get back home.

Hit the linky thing below to make this part of your day man.

The Precinct

Bad guys to send to the pokey

Up to 8 Players

Number of donut references


Escape Rate

June 22, 1950 – Office of Captain Hoos N. Charge:

It’s a dark day for the city of Los Angeles.  This new perpetrator is a different breed of criminal.  We don’t know what drives our suspect except for a need for mayhem and a certain gleeful pride in the crime itself.

My detectives are good at their job but I don’t even know if they can muster the talent to catch this mastermind before it’s too late.

I hired some outside help on this one because this scum needs to be brought in and served a steaming hot cup of L.A. Justice with a side of 20 to life without the possibility of dessert.

In “The Precinct” you are the out of town help mentioned above, hired to come in and solve a nefarious crime.  Nefarious because it is evil.  Evil, like, not washing your hands after using the bathroom evil.

You will have 60 minutes to use your powers of deductive reasoning, as well as some savvy and ability to read a few complete sentences to solve the crime and foil this foul filthy criminal before time expires and it’s too late.

There will be surprises!  Cop stuff!  References to donuts!  Did I mention cop stuff?!

Book now and be the cops this city needs!

Sherlock’s Office

Benedict Cumberbatch References

Up to 8 Players


3% Elementary (Watson)


Escape Rate

It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson.

Sherlock placed the key in its final resting place before closing the door to the room.

This was a monumental occasion for himself and Watson.  Watson was not aware of the gravity of it yet, but he soon would be.  Sherlock crossed the room and put his note to Watson in the center of the table.  He left his magnifying glass sitting by it.  “One of many tools of the trade you will need my friend…  It is time to see what you have learned.”

Holmes went to the door, took one final look.  The door closed leaving the light of the crackling fire to illuminate what would become Watson’s final exam.

In Sherlock’s Office, Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, has left behind a series of challenges for Watson to tackle in one hour or less to prove he is not the “bumbling idiot” that Sherlock still believes him to be.  Don’t worry though, the challenges in here, while considerable, are not impossible.

Ask yourself, do you have the skill to solve a room designed by Sherlock to test Watson?

Book now and embark on this great adventure.

The Jungle


In the dark

Up to 8 Players

Number of human sacrifices needed to escape


Escape Rate

Welcome to the Jungle.

We have finally made it to the antechamber of this temple but the storm is getting stronger. As expected we have found the area where these old spirits were worshiped, and though we have made our destination, something doesn’t feel right in here. The area doesn’t look like anyone has been in it for centuries. There are odd objects and boxes that must have some significance to the rituals. There is a strange mist that is beginning to permeate the room and a rumble in the distance. The very room itself seems to be unhappy about our visit. We are trying to find a way out and fast!

The objective is simple. Find your way out within 60 minutes to “beat” the room. You are “in the dark”, but we give you headlamps, flashlights, and a lantern. The room has a “creepy” atmosphere, but it is not a horror room and there are no “jump” scares.

The Jungle is a super cool tribal tangle of a room-can you escape in time?


Mojo’s Museum

Large TV in the lounge to watch the kids defeat the villain!

Up to 8 Players

Monkeys holding umbrellas


Escape Rate (eventually...)

Professor Mojo’s Museum of Mildly Malicious Mental Mystification!

Otherwise known as “MMMMMM.”

The first thing I would ask is how something could be “mildly” malicious… My wife seems to think this is entirely impossible but I have done the math exactly 12 times using a series of sophisticated equipment.  Mostly my calculator. INDEED!  Something can be mildly malicious!

I, Professor Bo Mojo am cursed with a nasty allergy to children so I’ve devised this room to entice and entrap them!  It won’t be long until I will be able to go out and do the things I want to do without constantly being assailed by tiny humans!

Mostly I want to stop blowing my nose and looking like I have been punched in the face by a kangaroo named Waffles.  Do kangaroos eat waffles?

That will be an experiment for another time once those kids have taken the bait and …  Ooooh… the Mojo Viewer has come on.  They are entering the room now.  Time to spring the trap!


Mojo’s Museum is a one-room magical Mojo world, filled with…

  • The Giant Sound Tube Wall
  • The Amazing Table of Modern Fossils
  • The Cabinets of Mystery
  • The Tubular Towers
  • The Professor’s Puzzling Posters
  • Leroy’s Trunk
  • The Purplish Toolbox of Optical Madness
  • Umbrellas, Animals and Fruit. (Yes, giant, mustachioed fruit.)
  • The Breadbox of Bongos (huh??)
  • The Gargantuan Floor Map to Freedom!

Gather the young ones in your life and come experience the exhilaration of Escape Games Live in Mojo’s Museum!  We put a host in the room with the kids so the adults and guests can sit back and watch the game on the Room Cam (unless they really want to play).

Mojo’s Museum is not “point and click” – Get them to put those screens down and enjoy an actual experience they will never forget!

We host awesome birthday parties in here.  Contact Tom at 717-683-9274 or tom@escapegameslive.com for details.

The Showdown

Teams Battle

Up to 16 Players

Number of varmints per cowboy

Years of bragging rights for beating the other team

Two teams go in, one team comes out.

(Well… both teams come out eventually because otherwise, it would be awkward and messy, but only one can claim victory!)

Everyone has played Cops vs. Robbers, but you’ve never played it like this before… escape room style.

On one side of the bars are the Outlaws, the bad guys and gals of the west that made the landscape the untamed wilds we all know.  (Or at least those that maybe didn’t read where it clearly stated “No Firearms Beyond This Point” or “No Parking Here or Your Horse Will be Towed.) The other side represents the Deputies, bringing law to the lawless.

The room will support up to 16 people as 2 groups of up to 8 clash for puzzle solving dominance and the right to have the other group buy the first round at the saloon.

Belly up and book now!

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