What to Expect When You Are Escaping


No Stranger Danger!

All of our bookings are private.  Your booking reserves the entire room for your party only. 


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

If needed, we allow ten minutes of bonus time after your 60 minutes are up, so you have the satisfaction of finishing the game. 


A Fair Fare

Single-group escape rooms are $125 for up to 5 players, $25 for each additional player, up to 10 maximum.


Don’t Circle the Block

Both of our conveinent locations offer free onsite parking! That means you can get to the fun faster. 

The Precinct

Bad guys to send to the pokey

Up to 10 Players

Number of donut references


Escape Rate

June 22, 1950 – Office of Captain Hoos N. Charge:

It’s a dark day for the city of Los Angeles.  This new perpetrator is a different breed of criminal.  We don’t know what drives our suspect except for a need for mayhem and a certain gleeful pride in the crime itself.

My detectives are good at their job but I don’t even know if they can muster the talent to catch this mastermind before it’s too late.

I hired some outside help on this one because this scum needs to be brought in and served a steaming hot cup of L.A. Justice with a side of 20 to life without the possibility of dessert.

In “The Precinct” you are the out of town help mentioned above, hired to come in and solve a nefarious crime.  Nefarious because it is evil.  Evil, like, not washing your hands after using the bathroom evil.

You will have 60 minutes to use your powers of deductive reasoning, as well as some savvy and ability to read a few complete sentences to solve the crime and foil this foul filthy criminal before time expires and it’s too late.

There will be surprises!  Cop stuff!  References to donuts!  Did I mention cop stuff?!

Be the cops this city needs!


Benedict Cumberbatch References

Up to 10 Players


Elementary (Watson)


Escape Rate

It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson.

Sherlock placed the key in its final resting place before closing the door to the room.

This was a monumental occasion for himself and Watson.  Watson was not aware of the gravity of it yet, but he soon would be.  Sherlock crossed the room and put his note to Watson in the center of the table.  He left his magnifying glass sitting by it.  “One of many tools of the trade you will need my friend…  It is time to see what you have learned.”

Holmes went to the door, took one final look.  The door closed leaving the light of the crackling fire to illuminate what would become Watson’s final exam.

In Sherlock’s Office, Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, has left behind a series of challenges for Watson to tackle in one hour or less to prove he is not the “bumbling idiot” that Sherlock still believes him to be.  Don’t worry though, the challenges in here, while considerable, are not impossible.

Ask yourself, do you have the skill to solve a room designed by Sherlock to test Watson?

Embark on this great adventure!

Young Sherlock

Candy Wrappers Left at the Crime Scene

Number of Times the Criminal was a Gerbil

Number of Young Detective Graduates


Escape Rate

Sherlock’s looking for a few good minds.

There is never a dull moment in London, especially if you are a detective. That goes double if your name happens to be Sherlock Holmes. It’s a good thing that Sherlock opened a young detective school to begin to train young minds for the perils of investigation. Having already been at the school for months it certainly seems time to see what you are all made of. The mysteries never sleep and neither does Sherlock.  Unfortunately for all of you, time is rather pressing.

Young Sherlock is designed for players ages 8-13 but is also a welcome option for adults to come and play with their kids as a family experience. Travel to 1800’s Victorian London and assist Sherlock in a series of puzzles to bring several outstanding criminals to justice. 

You will have to work together and work fast because Sherlock is not letting you out until you finish!

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