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We had a blast! Definitely something we will be returning to do again! Overall experience was more than what we expected!
Kimberly Lookingbill

Awesome time! I was a bit skeptical about this but WOW! This place far exceeded my expectations.
Shane Albert

“Escape Games Live is sixty minutes of AWESOME.  A bumper crop of fun.  Ten pounds of fun in a five-pound bag.”
BarFly Magazine

Seriously love this place!  Experience SO GOOD that my review would be 3 pages long!
George Boyd

Thank you for such a great time! We were up Saturday morning and took our turn in the 70s room – we can’t wait to come back and try the other rooms. This was our first time in a puzzle room and it was even better than we expected. It was so nice to have our teenage daughters laughing with their brother and all working together and not on phones!
Jen Cpwan

I went here yesterday and last night with my family (did 2 rooms) really wasn’t sure what to expect, while I love puzzles (I’m not really good at them) but that didn’t really matter still had a blast…definitely recommend it for a good time with family or friends (and always a plus) the staff are absolutely great!  We will be going back to get locked in again very soon!
Tammy Knaub

Our company Cognitive Health Solutions, LLC went to Escape Games for a team building afternoon of fun! We got to experience two of the escape rooms collectively as our group of 10 was split into two groups of five. The game itself was a great way for us to communicate, work together, and really enjoy problem-solving together! The staff was great and really made us laugh. This is something we would definitely do again.
Hanna Rose

Had a blast doing this!!! It was so much fun and something different to do. The staff was great! We booked another room as soon as we left! I can’t wait to come back and try out the other rooms. See you in a few weeks!
Rachel Brillhart

We had so much fun! All of us were new to this and didn’t know what to expect. Way more fun than we even thought it would be. Can’t wait to try another room!
Carita Carnitas

I have never done anything like this before so I was a little skeptical of whether I would enjoy it or not… it was a blast and a great way to spend time with your family… 2 thumbs up!
Joshua Heller

Atmosphere is great. It lives up to its hype. Our host was helpful and hilarious. It is definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday night with your intelligent friends (and maybe even some of the more clueless ones).
Darryl Knaub

Such a refreshing change from the usual. We had SO much fun with friends and made a great date night out of this. Everyone is so nice and made sure we had a great time. We can’t wait to check out every room. Thanks for bringing this to York!!!
Gabrielle Hothman

What a great idea and a fun event!  Definitely worth the money. We really enjoyed it!! Can’t wait to come back and try out the other rooms!
Cassidy Krinock

Sooooo much fun! Staff was incredibly funny and the 70s themed room was awesome! We almost broke the all-time record for the room! The puzzles were fantastic and very creative. I think we are now Escape Games Live addicts! We are already planning our trip to another room!
Meri Furlong

I got locked into Sherlock’s office with a group of friends and it was a great experience. Our group consisted of 4 women and 4 men. The men only went along with the idea to be agreeable but we all ended up having a blast. The staff was wonderful from the time we walked in until the time we left. I highly recommend it for people who enjoy new experiences. We are already discussing when we can do it again.
Nina Lutz

Best time ever. We look for different things to do and this looked like fun, but it surpassed just being fun. I just cannot even describe how awesome this was. And the staff made it an exceptional experience. Highly recommend this to everyone. We can’t wait to try the next room.
Jaime Kline

What a great time! Friends and I drove down from State College to try out the Sherlock Holmes escape room. The staff was very friendly and the room was excellent. The puzzles were challenging and very well thought out, but also accomplishable. I really liked how the staff would periodically send hints to keep us on track, it helped us from getting bogged down and frustrated. I had a lot of fun and would recommend this to anyone.
Max Christie

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