Answers to Your
Burning Questions.

Wait, i'm confused. What exactly is this?

We put you and your friends in a room and you have to solve the puzzles and challenges inside to find the only key that will open the door and escape the room before time runs out!  This is not point and click; it’s real.  This is a new kind of entertainment and it’s awesome.  We call it “experiential” or “immersive” entertainment.

So, am i really locked in?

Nope.  If you need to leave the room you can do so freely and at any time and you will be allowed right back in.  You will be having way too much fun thinking and laughing to worry about being “locked” in.  The “locked in” issue is not a thing.

What should i expect?
When you arrive, you will be greeted by your Game Host.  Your Host will talk to you about gameplay and answer all your questions before you go into the room.  They will also watch your game from the control center just outside the room.  While the goal is for you to figure it out on your own, they will give you hints if you need them.  You can expect to be here just less than two hours.
Do i have to mingle with strangers?

No. Most escape rooms require you to book spots in a mixed room rather than just book the room for your group.  After the owners of Escape Games Live got stuck in a game with a drunken pushy dunce at another company, they decided to do it differently.  Here, you book the entire room and you bring your own team.

How hard is it? Do most players ''win''?

Our escape rate in less than 60 minutes is about 50/50.  Everyone gets out eventually, but you only “win” if you get out in 60 minutes or less. Another unique thing about Escape Games Live is that we make sure you get to experience the entire journey of the room no matter how long it takes.  The real question is, will YOU get out in time??

Can kids play too?

Yes, any age is welcome. 12 and up can play on their own successfully in any room.  Younger kids always have a ton of fun playing with an adult team.  We also have a very cool kid’s room called Young Sherlock that’s designed specifically for younger players.

is it scary?

We had a Nervous Nelly once who exclaimed after her magnificent escape that is was about as scary as “Gandhi at a Golden Corral.” So, that answers that.

How much is it?

Escape Games Live games are $125 for 1-5 players, $25 per additional player.  We want everyone to be able to play this magnificent new form of entertainment, so we are priced comparably to a movie and popcorn per person.  

Do i need to bring anything?

Nope. Just bring your brain, your imagination – and your funny bone. Bringing sobriety increases your chances of a 60-minute escape exponentially.

Can i use my cell phone?

Yes. You can take your cell phones into the escape rooms and use them.  They are irrelevant to the games. We do ask that you not take pictures or video while you are inside the escape room. Our facility has Wi-Fi.

How does booking work?

You can book single games directly through our website (for multiple games or special events contact Tom at email below).  If you prefer to book over the phone, call our main number at 717-771-2391 or email jen@escapegameslive.com.

What if i want to make a reservation to play that same day?

We usually can accommodate last minute bookings. Just call our main number at 717-771-2391 to learn what is available for the same day. (Our phone staff get a little grouchy before the 9:00 AM Fruit Loops kick in. You have been warned.)

What happens if i'm late?

We try to be really cool about this whenever possible. However, because we fill up most of the time there is likely a game in your room right after you. Sadly, we may have to cut you off at your scheduled game end time if you aren’t out already. Also, your Host will be very sad. Please be 15 minutes early for your game.

Can i change my group size after i book?

Yes. Our regular games can accommodate up to eight players in York, ten in Lemoyne. If more will play than you booked you can pay the additional $25 per player to your Game Host upon arrival, cash or credit. There is no need to call ahead. 

What if i need to cancel or change my booking?

We realize that “life happens” and we try to be really cool about this too. You can change your reservation yourself online 14 or more days in advance. Please contact us if you wish to make adjustments closer to your scheduled date. We will make every effort to reschedule you. Our cancelation refund policy is based on length of notice and details are included in the initial booking process.

How do i book a Private Party or larger group?

Escape Games Live is a great place to host parties and gatherings of all kinds! Contact us as far in advance as possible so we can hold your spot. We will handle everything from beginning to end. Contact us at info@escapegameslive.com or at 717-771-2391.

What about Team Building?

Escape games utilize many traits that relate to the workplace and life in general: perseverance, imagination, logic – and a wide range of interpersonal skills.

Please refer to our team building page for more information.

Our spacious, uniquely decorated and comfortable lounge area seats up to about 40. We have a great space for presentations or informal meetings. Our lovely dining alcove creates a convenient buffet area and we can arrange for food and refreshments. We are always ready to discuss customizing your event. Contact us at jen@escapegameslive.com or at 717-771-2391

.Where do i go next if i am doing the Escape Games Live 2021 Scavenger Hunt?

Open the later…

A = Roxberry 

B = Kise Mill Rd

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